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Update on the Red Tape MusicVideo: El Salvador
'Villians' from the Red Tape Music Video Shoot.
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Barrera & Folk Dance Beauty Heat Up the Set!

This particular project has been the talk of the Northern California arts and music scene since February 2007.  Finally, the long-awaited music video from punk band, Red Tape, will be available by the end of the year.  Red Tape leader, Jeff Jaworski, reports that the editing is going well.  And the footage looks awesome.  Barrera is at his iconic, squinty-eyed best, playing a cowboy-hero who uses his lariat and bullwhips to dispatch a gang of bandidos.  He also shares stage time with Sacramento folkloric dancer & all-around hottie Roxana Borrego.
This music video is built around an original single, El Salvador, written by Jeff Jaworski.  Jawaroski and Barrera have discussed this project on and off for over two years.  Early on, Jaworski had selected Barrera to play a lead cowboy hero character.  They discussed the Western/action theme, story board ideas, as well as specific stunts to be performed. 

Band members played bandido thugs for the shoot.  Todd Wilbur was the videographer for the project.  Barrera recruited a number of local folkdance and athletic talents for the action sequences.  The queen of the Sacramento folkloric scene, Roxana Borrego played the female lead for the video.  Borrego is a dancer / director and choreographer for Raices de Mi Tierra, a California State University, Sacramento-based Mexican folkdance troupe.  Word is that Roxy and James shared a sizzling lip lock as one of the scenes for the shoot.  Four takes - hmmm!  We want to know more. 

Barrera also got some of Sacramento's baddest cats to work the shoot as his personal stuntmen.  They included Miguel "Angel" Rios, Xavier Huerta and Amado Torres.  All of them dynamic and capable athletes.  Angel used to play football for Fresno State University.  He also has a boxing background.  Xavier, at 210 pounds, is a 400-pound plus bench presser. He's a life-long physical culturist.  He's been involved in many sports throughout his life.  And Amado, is a former Judo champion.  A member of the U.S. Army, he just returned to Iraq for another tour of duty.

For a preview - check out some of the stills from the shoot.  For more information on the music video and its release date contact: Jeff Joworski at (916) 529-7237 or visit

Special thanks to Chief (aka Jason Council) for taking all those great still shots.  Visit to see more photos from the music video shoot.
By James Barrera  
Aside from traveling all-year-around performing up and down the Central Valley and West Coast, James also finds time to write as a cultural columnist for Vida en el Valle.  Hes covered such storied events such as the Joaquin Murrieta Ride, the Fresno Mariachi Festival and Festival de la Familia.  He also freelance writes for magazines such as True West, Hispanic magazine and Grit.
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Article: Vida en el Valle -

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Red Tape Teaser - Still shots from video...Slide Show
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Article: Vida en el Valle - Published: Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
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