1. James rehearsing his tough guy look for the upcoming music video shoot.
  2. James is in the famous La Canasta.
  3. James has recruited a young audience member into a flat loop.
  4. Barrera performed as a soloist at the Expo Center Stage.
  5. His shows were such a hit that other performers including members of the Congo Acrobat Team, Los Elegantes and rocker Halie O'Ryan and her band made it a point to catch his trick roping and whip cracking routines.
Action! Action! And More Action!
Photo 1 was taken by John Almaraz at the 2006 Race for the Arts - Crocker Park in Sacramento.

Photos 2 and 3 were taken by Hector Navejas at the 2007 4th of July Celebration at Haggan Park in Rancho Cordova.

Photos 4 and 5 were taken by Jennifer McGee at the 2004 California State Fair.